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2015 (release date: September 13)

Jan-Ola Östman - Humanist of the Day

The University of Helsinki Faculty of Arts celebrating the 375 year jubilee of the university all through 2015


2015, March

Rädslan för domänförlust gav språkstrategi

Interviewed about the new language policy of the University of Helsinki

Språkbruk 1/2015, pp. 10-13


2014, August 21

Ålands Radio TV

Radio interview on dialects (in Swedish) in connection with the Tenth Nordic dialectology conference in Mariehamn, Åland



Med orden på fingertopparna

Video interview (in Finnish) about the Deaf and signed languages



Grammatik som politik ['Grammar as politics']

Inteviewed (in Swedish)

Humanistilehti 8/2006


2004 (Interview on March 3)

Työelämän haasteet yliopisto-opetukselle - professoreiden mietteitä työelämäorientaatiosta ['Working-life challenges for university education']

Interviewed (in Finnish)

Article published in Humanistilehti no 5, 2004, pp. 5-7



Taal dialekt i staan [‘Speak dialect on the town']

Interview (in Swedish) in connection with being appointed to the (dialect) professorship in Scandinavian languages at the University of Helsinki

Språkbruk 4/2002



Östman's combination of Indian languages and the dialect of Solf

Interviewed in English

Universitas Helsingiensis 2/1998

Prizes, distinctions, and honors

2017, February 17

Festseminarium - Festive Seminar in honor of prof. em. Jan-Ola Östman's retirement: J, prAgmatics, liNgvistik, discOurse, diaLekter, Ansvar; University of Helsinki

Org.: Department of Finnish, Finno-Ugrian and Scandinavian Studies, University of Helsinki


2015, December 6

Riddartecknet av I klass av Finlands Vita Ros Orden

Order of the White Rose: FVR R I, RFinlVRO1kl

Presented by the President of Finland


2015, June 11

Svenska ärendens bragdpris 2015 för särskilda insatser universitetets tvåspråkighet till fromma

Prize/distinction awarded by the University of Helsinki's unit for Swedish matters, for having worked for the benefit of the bilingual status of the university



Vetenskapssamfundets medalj i guld för 30 års universitetstjänst - Tiedeyhteisön kultainen palvelusvuosiansiomerkki

The "scientific community" of Finland's medal in gold for 30 years of university service


2011, October 21

Festsymposium: "Variation, Syntax, Orientation and Pragmatics"

Festive seminar in honor of Jan-Ola Östman on his 60th birthday



Årets bragd

Finlandssvenska teckenspråkiga



Recipient of The Eino Kaila prize for best teacher at the University of Helsinki

Awarded on the basis of students' views and assessment



Recipient of Festschrift on the occasion Jan-Ola Östman's 50th birthday: Postcards, implicitness, constructions, ed. by Ville Laakso, Jaakko Leino & Jarno Raukko. Helsinki: PIC vol. 50.



Elected life-time member of the Humanities Section of the Finnish Society of Sciences and Letters - Societas Scientiarum Fennica



ASLA-Fulbright Scholarship for studies in the U.S.A (University of California, Berkeley)


Included in Who's Who type publications

- a selection:

Vem och vad (in Swedish), 2010 edition, p. 872.

Kuka kukin on (in Finnish), 2015 edition, p. 1046.

Suomen professorit - Finlands professorer 1640-2007, 2008 edition, p. 854.

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