Presentations, teaching

Jan-Ola Östman

Presentations and teaching

Over the years, I have given an abundance of talks, guest lectures and conference presentations. And I have naturally given different kinds of courses as part of my duties as professor and teacher.


I have recorded what I can remember of my presentations under four headings:

  • Invited academic talks, i.e. plenary lectures at conferences, invited guest lectures and seminars
  • Conference presentations, both international and national
  • Courses taught at different universities
  • Administrative presentations and presentations for the general public



Upcoming presentations


December 8, 2017

Frank Brisard's lecture series on Pragmatics and grammar; University of Antwerp, Belgium

Org.: Department of Linguistics

Guest lecture on

"Pragmatics in Construction Grammar"


December 8, 2017

Seminar in honor of prof. Jef Verschueren on the occasion of his retirement

Org.: University of Antwerp, Belgium

Invited presentation:

"The Open Society and its Linguistic Responsibilities"


January 18-19, 2017

Conference on Language, place and periphery, Copenhagen, Denmark

Org.: Research projects Dialect in the Periphery (D:PEF) and Language and Place - Language Variation in Rural and Urban Denmark (LaPUR)

Conference presentation:

"The role of Wellerisms in construing imagined village communities"


February 8-9, 2018

Helsinki, Finland

Symposium on Svenskan och språkundervisning i det flerspråkiga klassrummet ['The Swedish language and language teaching in the multilingual classroom']

Org.: FNF [Föreningen för Nordisk Filologi, 'The Nordic Philology Society']

Invited plenary presentation:

"Om att nyanlända till den svenska landsbygden i Finland" ['On newly arriving into the Swedish-language countryside in Finland']


April 12, 2018

Uppsala, Sweden

Org.: Adolf Noreen-sällskapet, Department of Scandinavian languages, Uppsala university

Invited presentation at annual meeting:



May 28-30, 2018

DiPVaC 4 conference, University of Helsinki, Finland

Org.: DiPVaC [Discourse-Pragmatic Variation & Change Research network]

Invited plenary presentation:











Needless to say, this is only a selection of the kinds of things that I have done. My memory does not serve me well on these matters.

And, alas, presentations are not really there to be recorded, but to be lived. Once they've been given, their time has passed.

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