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In addition to  my "normal" publications, I have been fairly active as (co-)editor of journals and of book series.

Here is an overview of these activities.

Handbook of Pragmatics (Online) (John Benjamins Publ.)

- co-editor with Jef Verschueren 1993-

- additional co-editors for shorter periods over the years: Jan Blommaert, Chris Bulcaen, Eline Versluys

Constructional Approaches to Language (John Benjamins Publ.)

- co-editor with Mirjam Fried 2004-2012

- co-editor with Kyoko Ohara 2013-


Journal of Pragmatics (Elsevier)

- co-editor with Jacob Mey & Hartmut Haberland 1986-1989

- co-editor with Mey, Haberland & Richard Janney 1990-1991

- co-ed. with Mey, Haberland, Janney & Claudia Caffi 1992

Nordic Journal of Linguistics (Scandinavian  University Press & later Taylor & Francis; now: Cambridge University Press)

- review editor 1996-2001

PIC  publications: Monographs, Bulletins, Reports (The Pragmatics, Ideology, and Contacts project at the University of Helsinki)

- series editor 1994-

Nordica Helsingiensia series (Nordica, University of Helsinki)

- desk editor, contact person and sometimes-called-upon editor for the series as a whole 2004-2016

- editor of the sub-series Teckenspråksstudier 2005-

- editor of the sub-series Dialektforskning 2008-

Publications,  Technical reports, Prepublications, Lingvistibulletiini (Department of  General Linguistics, University of Helsinki)

- co-editor with Fred Karlsson & Kimmo Koskenniemi 1996-1999

Membership in editorial boards is given in my CV-in detail. In the case of two international journals, I have been offered a slightly higher status than as member of their editorial board; this naturally requires extra attention and joint responsibility for the continuing high quality of the journals. The journals are

Text and Talk (Walter de Gruyter)

- Member of Specialist Board;

Constructions and Frames (John Benjamins Publ.)

- Advisory editor

In the menue to the left, under Publications, I have organized my publications under labels for some of the most frequent fields that I have worked on. Not all publications relevant to a particular category has been included in these lists - just the ones I think are the most important ones.

If you really want a full picture of all my publications, go to the Complete List of Publications, where I have disclosed everything, year-by-year.

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