Presentations, teaching

Jan-Ola Östman


Presentations and teaching

Over the years, I have given an abundance of talks, guest lectures and conference presentations. And I have naturally given different kinds of courses as part of my duties as professor and teacher.


I have recorded what I can remember of my presentations under four headings:

  • Invited academic talks, i.e. plenary lectures at conferences, invited guest lectures and seminars
  • Conference presentations, both international and national
  • Courses taught at different universities
  • Administrative presentations and presentations for the general public

Upcoming presentations

May 6–7, 2021

Åbo Akademi, Vaasa, Finland

Conference: Svenskan i Finland 19


"Plats och ställe på vykort till och från Wasa/Nikolaistad 1900–1920: Om framväxten av 'Det Moderna'" ['Space and place on postcards to and from Wasa/Nikolaistad 1900–1920: On the emergence of Modernity']

June 7–10, 2021

e-Sociolinguistics Symposium 23

University of Hong Kong

Marion Kwiatkowski & Jan-Ola Östman, org. of Panel/Workshop on "Unsettling the NORMs: The Sociolinguistics of immigration to the countryside"

June 14–16, 2021

MultiLing, University of Oslo, Norway

The 12th International Conference on Nordic and General Linguistics (ICNGL12)

Tomás Lehecka & Jan-Ola Östman, presentation:

"What people know and don’t know about language"

June 16–18, 2021

Stockholm University, Sweden

The 12th Nordic Conference on Bilingualism (NCB12)

Jan-Ola Östman, Lena Ekberg, Ellen Bijvoet, Lise Horneman Hansen & Margareta Svahn, poster presentation:

"Migration to Rural Areas: Identity construction among dialect speakers in Sweden and Swedish-language Finland"

June 27–July 2, 2021

Zurich University of Applied Sciences

Winterthur, Switzerland

17th International Pragmatics Conference

Jan-Ola Östman, Catharina Nyström Höög & Annelie Ädel, org. of Panel on "Risk, security, responsibility: Focus on evacuation and quarantine discourse"

Jan-Ola Östman, "On being a sister theory: Construction Discourse as a mediator between Construction Grammar and Frame Semantics/FrameNet" – presentation in Panel on "Interactional Frames and Language Resource Development", org. by Kyoko Ohara & Miriam Petruck

August 18–20, 2021

University of Antwerp (U Antwerpen), Belgium

Conference: 11th International Conference on Construction Grammar (ICCG11)

Presentation: "Construction Discourse: Furthering the Firthian and Pikean legacies"

September 23–24, 2021

Uppsala University, Sweden

Conference on Variationslingvistik i Norden – språkförändringsprocesser i dagens samhälle ['Variational linguistics in the Nordic countries – processes of language change in present-day society']

Invited participant of conference-final panel discussion.

May 4–6, 2022

Örebro University, Sweden

Conference: Svenskans beskrivning 38

Invited plenary presentation:

"Dialekterna trampar inte på samma ställe i det rurala Svenskfinland – om plats och ställe på den senmoderna landsbygden" ['Dialects aren't stuck in the same place in rural Swedish-language Finland – on space and place in the late-modern countryside']

April 14–16, 2020

April 29–May 17, 2020




Needless to say, this is only a selection of the kinds of things that I have done. My memory does not serve me well on these matters.

And, alas, presentations are not really there to be recorded, but to be lived. Once they've been given, their time has passed.

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